Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup Kit, UPD in Oct 2018

Beauty Inspiration: Make yourself Glamorous without Guilt

Cosmetics or makeup are substances that are used in order to improve the appearance or the body odor. Cosmetics include lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blusher, detergents and lotions, shampoo, styling products (gel, hair spray, etc.). Perfumes and colognes).

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Ben Nye theatrical makeup kits series are one of the classy and standard productions. Ben Nye theatrical creme makeup kit are pigmented, easy to integrate and offer outstanding design options.

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Each Ben Nye theatrical makeup kits includes skin tones of the basic components, three criteria outline of cream wheel (red cheeks, lipstick and bicolor cream) wheels and abrasions bruises, light, pencil Shadow, eyebrows, lip of the bar, nose and wax scar, hair color, translucent face powder, massage gum spirit, clean alcohol, blood scene, brush with powder Red, applicators swollen velvet sponge, 3 brush levels 7 flat brush front / tabs. Ben Nye theater makeup provides the essentials for the necessary theater production. It allows you, with all kinds of effects experience and contains a variety of products.
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