Darth Maul Makeup Kit, UPD in Oct 2018

An excellent way for any party

Darth Maul is a master of wielding double-bladed lightsaber. It is everyone’s fantasy to dress up like him. Moreover its the face they want – The dark blood coloured face with black designs and those evil horns.

Darth Maul Makeup Kit photo - 1

There are many make up kits in the market and online but this Darth Maul makeup kit is very long lasting and it will give you those exact shades of yellow, red and black to look as intimidating and ferocious as Darth Maul. The colours in this makeup kit are skin friendly and long lasting. They also have a very high consistency that allows them to stay put on any type of skin.

Darth Maul Makeup Kit photo - 2

Darth Maul makeup kit comes with different shades of yellow like light, dark, ochre, brownish yellow for the horns. The red colour is the base colour. After the base is done, black designs are to be made. This black colour is jet black and has a very good consistency. These colours are all easy to apply with a fine brush.

After completing the makeup you will look deadly and magnificent at the same time.



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