Mac Airbrush Makeup Kits, UPD in Oct 2018

Mac Airbrush Sets – Bringing Filters to Real Life

Today, when social media, camera phones and filters are an everyday part of all our lives, it is important to a lot of us to look our best at all times — even if it is just to run to the store. In an environment where we’re surrounded by apps and filters that smooth our skin, brighten our features and even widen our eyes it can be increasingly difficult feel beautiful when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

For many of us — an airbrushing filter that we could apply in the mornings, just to blur any blemishes, red spots or dark eyes, would be the perfect make up tool. It would take away the need to apply layers of different primers and concealers — and take us one step closer to looking like our social media photos.

Mac’s Pro collection recently launched their Pro Airbrush kit — giving makeup artists a brand new tool for their collection. Using an airbrush — or airgun — a silicone based formula can be applied, with precision, to the face and body — changing the game completely for makeup artists everywhere.

Mac Airbrush Makeup Kits photo - 1

The mac airbrush makeup kit can be used with 37 different colors including various skin tones, reds, pinks and blues — that can be mixed together to create further hues — providing a great pallet for any professional makeup artist. The effect leaves an airbrushed finish — much like a photoshop tool — and doesn’t look heavy or thickly applied, despite the silicone content.

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The product is generally reserved for professional makeup artists working in television (particularly HD), film and beauty — but it is thought they will soon be flooding the commercial market, bringing a whole new meaning to “airbrushed” everywhere. One day soon, with the Mac Airbrush Makeup Kit you might be able to sport your favorite SnapChat filter — in reality.
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