Sugar Skull Makeup Kit, UPD in Oct 2018

The best makeup kit for Natural Halloween Looks

The sugar skull makeup kit offers you an entirely natural, cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic free of artificial fillers such as talc and parabens. The kit includes all that you need to achieve that wonderful Halloween looks you desire. Its components include two makeup brushes, three aqua-color, bodyjewels, supra-color clown white, two multi-gel glitters, powder puff, makeup sponge and a makeup bag. Aquacolor is made of a mixture of talc, glycerin, kaolin, octyl dodecanol, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyvinyl alcohol among other harmless chemicals. Supracolor clown white is a combination of petrolatum, hexyl laurate, etc.

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Everything is made using quality ingredients that are intended to make various looks, from natural beauty to edgy fashion. Sugar skull makeup kit has many options on color ranging from gold, violet, green, blue to red. You can choose your highlight colors for Lumiere color and cream pencil color. The sugar skull makeup kit helps in achieving a perfect sugar skull look that you desire. The kit is essential in creating facial makeups such as burnt face, ice queen, Voldemort, sugar skull, gouged face, hot wax among others suiting actors of horrific movies.

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